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  •   New Year’s Day, January 1st
  •   Easter
  •   Memorial Day
  •   Independence Day, 4th of July
  •   Labor Day
  •   Thanksgiving Day
  •   Christmas Eve
  •   Christmas Day
  •   New Year’s Eve


Sometimes emergencies happen – our goal is to help you when you need it most, even at the last minute. However, do not assume that we have received your last minute request until you have received an invoice/confirmation via e-mail.


We will email your itemized and detailed service order for your review. You can then let us know if any changes need to be made to the order. Payment is due PRIOR to start of service (BEFORE the first visit date on each invoice.) Reservations are not considered confirmed until payment is received in full.


Our regular office hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 5pm. The office is closed on weekends and all Federal holidays, but we do check emails and voicemails regularly. Calls are monitored for emergencies when the office is closed. All other calls are returned during regular business hours.


Your reservation is only confirmed when you have received a final invoice/confirmation via e-mail. To make a reservation, you may use our on-line scheduling system, send us an email or call the office at (503) 303-1476. Messages left are NOT considered confirmations.


Potty Time Pets do not give exact times for visits. Visits are provided within the window of service requested (outlined below.) If you would prefer an “earlier” or “later” window, your sitter will do their best to accommodate, but it’s not guaranteed. If you would like to reserve a specific time please contact the office, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


  •   Morning walks occur between the hours of 7am and 10am
  •   Mid Day Walks occur between 10am and 3pm
  •   Late in the Day walks occur between 3pm and 6pm
  •   Evening visits are between 6pm and 8pm

*Cats are visited a minimum of once a day and dogs are visited a minimum of every 12 hours.*


We understand that your friends and families may want to check in on your pets while you are gone, however, our policy is to not provide “shared” pet care with outside services, friends, family etc. due to restrictions set for by our liability insurance. This policy is in place should anything happen with your house, or worse, something with your pet(s) while they are in care of your friends, or while someone other than us was in your home. Potty Time Pets could be held liable, even if we were not responsible.

We will NOT provide service for pets in conjunction with another party. If we arrive at your home and there is an unexpected person in your home, we will leave the premises, and report our finding to the local authorities if necessary. Additionally, Potty Time Pets is not responsible for any damages incurred to or in your home or to your pet during any time period that anyone other than Potty Time Pets has access to your home.


Potty Time Pets requires 2 sets of keys: 1 copy for the assigned sitter and one copy for the office as back-up. We ask that you give the keys to your assigned sitter at your registration meeting. ANY other time for the sitter to pick up or drop off keys may cost a fee.

  •   Client assumes responsibility of notifying the office of ANY changes of keys, locks or codes, NOT THE SITTER.
  •   Client ensures that assigned sitter AND Potty Time Pets office has current, usable and active keys and codes at all times.
  •   Client releases Potty Time Pets from any and all liabilities and expense related to locksmith fees to gain access to their home resulting from client’s failure to comply with the above stated key policies


It is the client’s sole responsibility to pet-proof any areas of the home and/or property to which the pet has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors and other devices meant to keep the pet inside or away from any ‘forbidden’ areas. The pet sitter does not assume and has no liability for any injuries the pet may sustain while in its own home.


Potty Time Pets reserve the right to adjust the thermostat, close/open windows (as long as it remains safe and secure), turn air conditioner on/off or etc. in ALL of our client’s homes if our sitters feel the climate is posing a health risk to your pet(s) in our care. We will notify if any of the adjustments are made.


It is the pet owner’s responsibility to provide safe access to their home (for example, shoveling their sidewalks, steps and porch.)


We recognize that your privacy is important to you and your family. We will not, at any time, either directly or indirectly, use any information for our own benefit, disclose, or communicate, in any manner, any information to any third party.

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