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A Note to Our Community: PottyTimePets values quality, reliability, and professional care. Our prices are a reflection of all our values. We aim to give our clients and their pets peace of mind so you have no concerns or worries about your pets while you are away or at work.

At the end of the day, we do it for the love of pets and PottyTimePets aims to provide you and your pet with the highest quality of care. So why choose mediocre because of price? We value your time, money and business and thank you for your interest in becoming part of the PottyTimePets family!

Dog Walking

dog walking photo


Relief walking starting at $12

Each relief walk is conducted by your dedicated pet care specialist for a full 10 minute visit. whether it’s just to let your dog out back to pee or just a quick play time.  These visits are perfect for a new puppy that needs multiple daily visits or for older dogs.  Click below to get pricing.

Regular Walks


Regular walks starting at $22

These 30 minute visits are conducted by your dedicated pet care specialist.  Each visit includes a feeding and water change if needed.  We can use this time to take your dog for a walk or playtime in the backyard, we are here for whatever you need.

Extended Walks


Extended Walks starting at $30

Do you have a high energy dog? A puppy?  These 50 minute visits are perfect for you!  Each visit includes a feeding and water change if needed.  We can take your dog for a long walk, play time in the backyard or just spend time hanging out at the house, the choice is yours!

Pet Sitting Services

pet boarding


Vacation drop ins starting at $25

Pets are happiest when they’re in their own home. With our Vacation Pet Sitting Service, we allow your pets to stay in their own environment even when you can’t be there giving you and your pets peace of mind. We will come in and care for your pets  as needed, making every attempt to maintain your pet’s regular routine. Each visit can be scheduled for 10, 30 or 50 minutes in length and includes the following:

  • TONS of love, belly rubs, and all the attention your pet needs
  • Fresh food, water and treats
  • Walks, exercise and playtime
  • Potty breaks and cleanup of pet waste
  • Medication administration
  • Cleaning/tidying up of pet areas
  • Collecting newspaper, mail and packages
  • Watering your indoor/outdoor plants and gardens
  • Alternating lights and blinds
  • Putting out trash
  • Any other reasonable pet or home related tasks—we personalize every visit to accommodate you and your pets needs!
dog with pillow


Overnights Starting at $55

Sometimes a drop-in visit just isn’t enough peace of mind. Potty Time Pets! offers professional Overnight Pet Sitting for those pets who prefer to have a person to cuddle with them at night!  Overnight Pet Sitting also includes all house sitting related tasks.


cat check ins


Cat Sits starting at $20

Leaving town for business?  Taking a vacation?  Have no fear!  We are here to provide your feline friends with the best care and lots of TLC!  Each visit includes feeding, changing of the litter box, refreshing of water bowls, play time and lots of cuddling.

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