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What Makes POTTY TIME PETS Different From All The Other Pet Care Services in Portland?

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People are always asking, “there’s a bunch of dog walking companies in Portland, what makes so many people pick Potty Time Pets?”  We used to get discouraged thinking they were lumping us in with all of the other companies, which by the way are good in their own right.

When we thought more about it we realized WE ARE VERY DIFFERENT IN GREAT WAYS…

Top Quality, Professional, and Personalized Pet Care

Potty Time Pets guarantees top quality, professional, and personalized pet care services to all of our clients. We pride ourselves on our fabulous reputation and our ability to offer peace of mind to our clients, who know that their pets and homes are in the best hands possible.

We also believe that pets need consistent and one-on-one care from a person that they know and trust, which is why we offer our clients assigned sitters, a concept that is unique to us. Your assigned sitter comes for a registration meeting to meet you and your dog BEFORE we ever provide service for you.

You are also assigned a back-up sitter, should your assigned sitter need time off, get sick or just take a vacation (happy sitter happy life!). In which case, your back-up sitter will come for a “meet and greet” free of charge, to meet you and your dog and get acquainted before they provide service. We know it’s beyond a thorough system BUT we want you to be comfortable with the person that’s loving and walking your dog AND coming into your house.

We know that other services send people just based on availability, and they probably have an easier time scheduling BUT just as we would want to personally know the person caring for our pets, in our home and with our keys, we want YOU to as well.

We are fully bonded and insured, offer unique services such as in-home overnight care, cat sitting and also offer our clients monthly coupons and loyalty rewards, as well as discounted rates and a generous cancellation policy to our monthly clients.

All of our sitters go through a very thorough screening, vetting, and training process before they earn a spot on our team and we are FULLY BONDED AND INSURED. We require stellar references, a clean background check, pet first aid certification, and that our sitters complete a two-part orientation process before they receive their first solo assignment. We only work with the best people and hold them to a very high standard!

When we get done explaining this to people, and it becomes clear, just how very different we are, and we see that my answer to “how are you any different,” leaves the asker not only satisfied BUT also comforted that we actually care that much to create so many hoops to jump through to ensure as much safety, comfort and peace of mind as humanly possible. Then we ALWAYS follow their question with “Can you tell me anything else you would add??? What would you want out of a dog walking service that we aren’t doing?”

Then we get to work immediately. Our philosophy is and always will be: We can always be better. We can never be too thorough and YOU and your dog can never be too happy!

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