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Walking your dog is extremely important for your dog, not just for their health, but for socialization and interaction. Hiring a dog walker is super important if you are gone for at least 6 hours a day and not only will you come home to a tired pup, you may even experience less vet bills!

It’s extremely important to keep your dog active and engaged with other dogs and humans, for health and socialization so hiring a dog walking service is more than just a luxury that some people do to be lazy or hand over responsibilities to someone else.  Here are some common reasons that a dog walking service is used and why you should greatly consider investing in one yourself.

1. Health Benefits

The most obvious benefit to hiring a dog walker is having someone to take your dog on regular walks while you are away to keep them healthy.  Dogs are just as susceptible as us humans are to major diseases related to obesity.  It is estimated that up to 50 percent of dogs and cats are obese.  Plus, dogs that have serious diseases are often much harder to detect than humans.  Getting three 30 minute walks each day is the best way to keep your dog living a long, healthy life, which we all want for our furry friend!

2. Mental Upkeep

Getting your dog out to interact with other animal friends is extremely important for preventing separation anxiety, problems socializing and preventing behavioral problems at home with you and your family and other dogs.  Cabin fever affects dogs way quicker than humans, they need constant sensory feedback and a way to expend all that energy that they build up.  Of course, human interaction is also important, a good professional dog walker can correct bad behavior and excessive barking at strangers. We here at Potty Time Pets are all professional dog walkers and know how to read social cues and work on correcting behaviors.

3. Circadian Rhythm

All that walking will expend the energy built up and puts the dog back on a regular nap and sleep schedule which will help prevent you from having to get up in the middle of the night to take your dog for a walk.  This will reduce the number of accidents, prevent you from coming home to the house tore up, or holes dug in the backyard by leaving your dog alone out back without human interaction.  Sleep is important for a dog’s overall mental and physical health.

4. Safety and Security

You know your dog is in good hands, as long as you do your due diligence when choosing a dog walker, while you are away at work. This is why we recommend hiring a professional dog walker and not choosing a dog walker off Rover. You don’t need to worry about your dog getting into trouble or potentially getting into a dangerous situation at home if you hiring a professional. That is why we also stress that our prices are fair for professional. Don’t choose a walker because they are cheaper than another. That can put your dog in a dangerous situation. A dog walker is the perfect babysitter, someone who has experience with dogs and who is invested in making sure your dog is safe and healthy.

5. Less Stress

With the ability to do more things on your own time, you don’t need to feel guilty for leaving your pup at home.  You learn to enjoy the time with your dog while being able to handle any work business you have in your professional life.  Your dog won’t hate you either, as long as they spend the day having fun, which is Potty Time Pets motto!

6. Say No to Full-Time Crates

Leaving your dog in a crate all day is essentially accepting the fact that you have to leave your dog to go a little mad for a day and possibly soil themselves while in there.  This should be avoided at all costs.  It simply can’t be done without hurting the dog on some level.  It also breeds mistrust with the owner, if repeated. Hiring a dog walker will prevent them from living in their crate and get them the mental and physical exercise that they absolutely need.

7. Older Dogs need Walks

A dog’s bladder gets weaker as they get older, so they must be taken out for a walk 3 to 4 times a day.  Their renal system is very sensitive in their senior years.  Renal failure is one of the most common ways that dogs pass away.  They have a much harder time filtering out the toxins in their urine. We offer relief walks for an extremely fair price and it will allow you to afford to have us take your elderly dog out twice a day while you are at work. That insures that, once again, your dog is staying healthy by hiring a professional dog walker.

The Top 7 Reasons You Should Hire a Dog Walking Service by Potty Time Pets.

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