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“At the end of the day we always ended up working with animals again.
It’s what we’re good at. It’s what we love.”

potty time pets owner

We grew up in a household where we always had at least one furry friend at all times. One turned to three then back to one and then one day it became six! Yes, six furry friends!

Many people thought we were crazy for having so many pets! They thought we were especially crazy when we said we would be transporting them all from our home in New York to our new home in Portland, Oregon. Yup, we drove in a mini school bus across the country with us sisters and six pets.

What a wild ride. It was a ride we will cherish for the rest of ours lives,  because we got to watch our dogs, our cats and our ferret see the country with us. Not many people can say they’ve done that let alone pets!

But we couldn’t imagine my life without them and we don’t believe in ever giving up a pet so now they call Portland their home with us. They bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. Seeing their little faces everyday just puts a smile on our faces.

pet sitter with dog

As far as working with pet’s, that started years ago. We started out working for a veterinarian’s office where we were just kennel staff. About a year later, we both worked our way up to kennel supervisor’s.

That job taught us many skills. From keeping things clean and organized for the pet’s to learning how to administer all different types of medicine. We learned it all. When we both decided we wanted to go to college, that job unfortunately didn’t work with our schedule so we both ventured onto jobs that worked around school.

About a year into college, where did we end up again? Working with animals! We started working for Dan’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting. A company that is now the number one dog walking and pet sitting company on Long Island for all good reasons.

Dan Reitman has mastered the art of dog walking and pet sitting. He is the master of peace of mind. He has been our coach throughout our venture in creating Potty Time Pets, helping us master the art of peace of mind ourselves so we can provide YOU the best care for your pets.

petsitter selfie

When we both graduated college (at the same time!), we got jobs working in our field of study, Journalism and business. Shortly we realized we weren’t happy with our jobs and weren’t happy living in New York anymore.

We needed a change and a big one. That’s when we decided to move to Portland. With the move came another career change. We both found ourselves working in the holistic healthcare field.

While we loved helping people, we missed working with animals and found ourselves pet sitting part-time though Rover & Dog Vacay. That experience was priceless for us in that we met many clients who had horror stories from working with sitters for Rover & Dog Vacay.

We aren’t bashing these companies or saying that all the sitter’s from these sites are bad, but the quality of pet care isn’t there because anyone can sign up for Rover and say they are a pet sitter even with no prior experience or background working with animals.

Right then we knew that we wanted to dedicate ourselves to quality pet care and we decided we work with animals for life, not just here and there.

petsitter and dog photo

At the end of the day we always ended up working with animals again. It’s what we’re good at. It’s what we love. So why not just do it as a career then? That’s where Potty Time Pets went from a dream to reality.

With the helpful advice and coaching from Dan Reitman, owner of Dan’s Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, we were able to create a quality dog walking and pet care service so that the people of Portland can have peace of mind when it comes to the care of their pets.

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